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The Collaborator

Key people you require in a successful strategy workshop 1. A leader 2. A doer (someone to act as a co-ordinator before and after the session) 3. Key team members (diverse skill set if possible) 4. Last but not least a professional facilitator.  It is expensive for a team to take a day or more out of the working week.  So you may as...
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DIY Facilitator

Top 5 things to do in your workshop if you cannot afford a professional strategy facilitator: 1.  People - Get the right people involved in your workshop 2.  Why -  Agree why you and your organisation exists 3.  What - Agree the key strategic themes you are committed to drive 4.  How -  Agree owners of critical path activities, milestones and timeframes 5.  Next Steps...
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Super Facilitator

Value proposition of using a professional facilitator: 1.  Best results 2.  Create Value 3.  Good team experience 4.  Consensus building 5.  Don't get dragged into the day to day...
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